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Bee bee tree seedlings now available!


These Bee Bee (Evodia danielli) tree seedlings are one year old and about 1 to 2 feet tall. Your pollinators will love them to the exclusion of every other flower!

Price: $20 each or $15 for 3 or more.

Also available Heptacodium miconioides (Seven Son tree) is a beautiful specimen tree that bees love just as much. 

Check out the video to learn more!

Our Story

We started our beekeeping hobby with 2 hives- one Warre, one Langstroth, in 2014. We quickly decided that helping create bee survivor stock was what we wanted to do. We went to as many beekeeper meetings as we could, traveled to Florida, Pennsylvania, New York to gain experience, and took online beekeeping courses to gain as much knowledge as we could. Here we are now with our own farm dedicated to preserving these special insects. We have had some good successes, and some terrible losses with our bees. Knowledge is sometimes gained the hard way, but we are here to help our own hives survive, and assist other beekeepers in the area too, with what we have learned. Parasites, viruses, cold, moisture, and a multitude of other barriers to bee survival, are here to stay. We don't have the exact answers for saving all the bees, but we're doing what we can. Winter hardy bees and  hygienic bees are promising, but hands-on active hive management is part of our future.  Let us know how we can help and come visit us at Olde Homestead Farm!

Sept 2016..I am collecting pods of common milkweed and removing the fluff attached to the seeds. We're hoping to plant lots of milkweed to attract Monarchs in 2017.

Having Difficulties As A New Beekeeper?

We can help! Visit our farm or schedule some time for us to come to you. 

Our Queens!

We are currently raising northern queens in our apiary, both virgin and mated. Our breeding is open, and the queens we raise are from Italian, Buckfast, Caucasian, Russian and Hygienic genetic lines. 

Bee Removal Service

Let us remove your nuisance honey bee swarm or hive. Many times this a free service. Complex bee removal will carry a reasonable fee or donation.


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